A COURT order to remove the travellers from Slades Farm has been obtained by Bournemouth council.

As reported in the Daily Echo today, the number of caravans and camper vans at the site, which first started arriving last Friday, had doubled to 24 by yesterday.

Security guards were tasked with manning the entrance to the site after the travellers managed to gain access.

A spokesperson for the council said: “Today Bournemouth Borough Council obtained a County Court Possession Order and a High Court Writ for the repossession of Slades Farm Playing Fields, Ensbury Park. These have now been served on individual caravans on the site

“A total of 24 caravans and assorted vehicles are currently camped on the site. The council has acted as quickly as the court process will allow to obtain a writ which requires those illegally camped at Slades Farm to leave.

“It is anticipated some movement and departures will take place this evening.”

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