THE number of caravans and campervans at Slades Farm has doubled since Friday evening - despite security guards on-hand to prevent further vehicles from entering the land.

As reported in the Daily Echo, around a dozen caravans and campervans arrived at the Ensbury Park ground last Friday during the evening, leading to the posting of security guards at the site to prevent further incursions.

However, by this morning, there were 24 vehicles on the land, many of which are believed to have arrived during the night.

It is thought a metal chain used to secure the gate to the playing field was removed, a height restrictor was damaged and a boulder moved as the travellers accessed the park last week.

Bournemouth Borough councillor Susan Phillips, ward member for Wallisdown and Winton West, said the issue is the council's “highest priority”.

She added: “I share the residents' frustration and have spoken to various officers at the council and I am assured that all that can be done has and is continuing to be.

“In addition, we have the support of our MP Conor Burns and I'm keeping him fully informed.”

A spokesperson from the council said officers will seek a possession order of the site in county court tomorrow, which will mean the travellers can be evicted from the land.

The order is not tied to the number of caravans at the site, meaning that if more do arrive, the council won't have to start proceedings all over again.

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said there are regular patrols of the area, and officers are currently liasing with Bournemouth Borough Council.

Meanwhile, travellers who were on land behind Staples ahve moved on - leaving a skip full of rubbish and several empty gas cannisters lying on the ground.

Bournemouth Echo:

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