LITTER-PICKERS are working from the early hours of the morning to clear rubbish-strewn beaches and beauty spots of junk.

This picture was sent to us from Christchurch by reader Nigel Helmsley this morning.

Councils across the area are once again urging people to take home their litter to prevent problems with overflowing bins and litter on the beach.

Litter-pickers in Bournemouth are working from as early as 2am, Bournemouth Council said to rid the beaches of the rubbish.

Andrew Brown, operations manager, said: “We have messages along the seafront advising the public to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, ideally taking their litter and recycling home with them. 

“During peak season, we also have litter-pickers on the beach who start work at 2am in the morning making sure our beautiful beaches are clean for the enjoyment of everyone.”

Last year, the council announced that street teams would be working round the clock in a bid to keep the town tidy.

They had four extra teams over the summer holidays, working in the town centre, Charminster and Winton with special 'hit' teams targeting specific areas.