TWO more traveller encampments have emerged in Poole.

This afternoon four caravans moved onto the car park at Baiter Park.

Meanwhile, three traveller caravans and a motor home were already occupying land near the Staples store at Fleetsbridge.

The Fleetsbridge unauthorised encampment is close to allotments and homes at Christopher Crescent.

Borough of Poole say these travellers are not the same as the group that moved on from the entrance of Creekmoor’s Park & Ride site last week.

That encampment was the first to accept temporary toilets under a new council policy.

On the Fleetsbridge site, Borough of Poole regulatory service manager Peter Haikin told the Daily Echo: “We have visited this small unauthorised encampment and are monitoring the situation.

“We have arranged for temporary toilets to be delivered to the site in line with our new policy. As far as we can see the immediate environment is being kept clean and tidy and the encampment itself is having no detrimental effect on the local community.”

Officers also confirmed they would be visiting the site.

Earlier this year councillors agreed to offer travellers the use of temporary toilets and skips, to help address environmental concerns.

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