THE court case of Richard Carr, James Beedham, Susan and Dene Burgess and Adrian Price at Bournemouth Crown Court has been adjourned until September.

Carr, 55, of Lagoon Road, Poole, faces 41 counts including being involved in the formation, promotion or management of a company while bankrupt, mortgage fraud and forgery.

His other alleged offences include theft of nearly £250,000 from Future 3000 plc – which operated local bars and clubs Dundees, Mint, Wiggle, Bliss, Toko, Jimmys, Bent and Crank – and concealing the power boat ‘Honey Party’ and several gold watches after being declared bankrupt.

His co-accused are Poole residents Dene Burgess, 56, and Susan Burgess, 51, of Banks Road; Price, 47, of Alington Road and Beedham, 38, of Bridle Crescent, Bournemouth.

Dene Burgess, Carr and Price are jointly accused of obtaining an advance of £860,000 on a mortgage from the Bank of Scotland by deception, while Beedham faces 19 counts of aiding Richard Carr in the formation, promotion or management of a business while the latter was bankrupt.

Susan Burgess and Carr are jointly charged with three counts of making a false instrument, and two of obtaining a money transfer by deception, among other offences.

All five are on bail to return to Bournemouth Crown Court on September 19 for a plea hearing.