TWO people died in a horrific ambulance crash after a driver failed to check his mirrors properly, a court has heard.

Francis Ironside, 88, a patient needing emergency hospital treatment, and driver Gillian Randall, 42, were killed on April 27 last year when their vehicle was involved in a collision with a Seat Alhambra being driven by Richard Husband.

Mr Ironside's 64-year-old son David, who was travelling in the back of the ambulance, and paramedic Richard Riley, 32, also suffered serious injuries.

The prosecution has alleged that the crash took place when 26-year-old Husband didn't spot the ambulance overtaking on the A337 Brockenhurst to Lyndhurst road, and attempted to himself overtake a silver Skoda Yeti that had pulled over to allow the vehicle to safely pass.

It is alleged that witnesses heard him say “I didn't see it” and “Look what I've done” after the crash.

Dr Melissa Judd, the driver of the Skoda, said all three vehicles had briefly travelled side-by-side across both lanes before Husband's people carrier and the ambulance collided.

“They hit broadside,” she said.

“There was a lot of debris went flying in the air, the ambulance went off at a tangent and hit a tree and then slowly slipped sideways into a ditch.”

The GP climbed into the back of the ambulance to see if she could provide assistance, finding Mr Riley lying on the floor in pain.

She said she realised there was nothing she could do for Mr Ironside before climbing through to the front cab to try and aid Ms Randall.

As she opened the trial, prosecutor Kerry Maylin said: “Dr Judd could hear Ms Randall was still making noises as if trying to breathe.

“The doctor made the very difficult decision that she could not help her.”

Daughter Beth, who was sitting beside Dr Judd and had turned to see the ambulance approach from behind, said she didn't see Husband's head move to look into the mirrors or behind him before he began completing the manoeuvre.

Husband, of New Forest Drive, Brockenhurst, denies two counts of causing death by careless driving.

The trial at Bournemouth Crown Court continues.