A 21-YEAR-OLD from Three Legged Cross has been inspired to encourage others to take-up volunteering work after completing a 10-week project in Rwanda.

Jon Andrews visited the poverty-stricken African nation as part of the International Citizens’ Service (ICS) Tearfund programme.

During his trip he taught disadvantaged youngsters in schools, volunteered at a co-operative farm and helped rebuild a house which had burnt down in a fire.

He told The Echo: “I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to experience a completely different culture in a different country, whilst contributing positively to the communities out there.

“Whilst in Rwanda, I witnessed poverty in various forms, yet there seemed to be a real sense of community in helping each other out.

“It has made me realise the importance of supporting communities in poverty-stricken areas of the world.”

The government funded project brings together 18-25 year-olds to volunteer at projects around the world.

Mr Andrews hopes by sharing his experience he will inspire others to take-up volunteer work in disadvantaged countries.

To find out more about the ICS Tearfund programme go to volunteerics.org