TEACHING assistant Beth Tyers has officially been awarded star status following a recommendation from her pupils.

Children in class 5J at Elm Academy in Bourne-mouth drew inspiration from TA Beth to win prizes in Unison’s ‘My Teaching Assistant is a Star’ awards.

Ten year-old pupil Daisy Strutt designed a poster depicting Beth as the 5J Superhero and included descriptions from her classmates of why they all think they have the best teaching assistant.

From a ‘welcoming smile’ to being ‘toeriffic’ – the children praised Beth from head to toe.

For her efforts Daisy won art equipment for herself and the £200 worth of new books for the school.

And Beth now has an official ‘My teaching assistant is a star’ certificate and trophy.

Daisy said she nominated Beth because “she’s simply awesome” and from the descriptions on Daisy’s award winning poster it is clear the rest of her classmates agree.

The head of Elm Academy, Helen Janda, said: “We’re so thrilled that Beth has been recognised in this way and there’s no better praise than from the children themselves.

“Our teaching assistants all do a terrific job and provide a wonderful support system for the whole school.

“Often their role can get overlooked but they play a massively important part in the running of the school and supporting the education and welfare of all our children.”

Beth has been at the Elm Academy for two years and helps with the education of 26 children in her class.

She said: “I love my job and it’s wonderful to feel so appreciated by all the fantastic children in the class.”