AN UPLIFTING artwork is set to go on display at Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s new women’s health unit.

The textured 3D butterfly was created after 50 women donated their bras to the cause.

Local artist Sharon White of Mumbo Jumbo Paint, who organised the event at the Captain’s Club in Christchurch, said: “This has been pretty emotional, and a collaborative labour of love.

“I am delighted with the end result and I truly hope that when this artwork is displayed at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital’s new women’s health unit, the apprehensive women visiting for the first time will be greeted by my work and may even gain a bit of inspiration and hope from it.

“I have set the 50 butterflies in one corner of the painting, but they work their way to the top as if to fly and ascend into the blue, with the ideal of reflecting aspiration to the women who are going through new transitional stages in their own lives.”

Sharon has been raising funds for Breast Cancer Care and is already focusing her efforts on to the next piece of art, which will feature bras donated and autographed by famous celebrities, including Holly Willoughby and Ruth Langsford.

Hospital fundraising manager Lindsey Sturman said: “This is an inspirational moment, both for women and the work that we continue to do for the women’s health unit. The artwork is stunning and must be seen to be truly appreciated. We have to bear in mind that approximately 15,000 women in Dorset alone are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and mustn’t forget that men are also at risk.

“I can see this painting being the talking point of the hospital for many years to come and we are so grateful to Sharon for all of her efforts.”