HUMAN remains discovered in a tree at a Bournemouth golf course had been there for two years.

The body, believed to be that of an adult man, was found after a dog dragged an arm out of undergrowth at The Club at Meyrick Park on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, specially trained sniffer dogs located further remains 40-foot up in a tree.

They are suspected to have been concealed in the branches for around two years.

A Bournemouth man discovered further ‘bones’ at the site ‘months’ ago, but failed to alert police.

The man, who is in his 40s, approached police officers as they combed the site on Tuesday after the body was found.

He arrived at the scene holding two objects wrapped in a clear plastic bag, and told officers he had found them previously, in the same woods before handing them over.

The man, who lives near the golf course but declined to give his name, said he had found the objects in the woods and had taken them home.

However, he was now not sure that he had done the right thing so did not want to comment further.

Police confirmed today that the objects have not yet undergone forensic examination, but form part of the same investigation.

Officers have been searching the site since Monday, when a dog dragged a human arm and hand out of the undergrowth just after 1pm.

A spokesperson from the force said there are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances.

Dorset Police suspect that the person committed suicide,” she said.

“However, it is a matter for the coroner, who will determine the exact cause of death.

“Formal identification has yet to take place and the next of kin have not been informed. The death is not being treated as suspicious.”

The remains will now undergo forensic examinations, and a post-mortem is planned for today.

DNA tests will take place, and dental records will also be used in a bid to identify the remains.

Coroner’s Officer Andy Lord said: “A post-mortem is due to take place on Thursday, and an inquest will open after formal identification has taken place.

“We would hope at the moment that the inquest will open at some point next week.”