TAILS are wagging at one East Dorset charity after volunteers received a grant giving the organisation its largest ever donation.

Support Adoption for Pets awarded independent pet rescue Waggy Tails Rescue £45,000 to help complete the conversion of its existing stable block into dog cabins and a training room.

This means that 15 rescue dogs can be housed at the facility at any time.

The charity rehomes animals within east Dorset and west Hampshire, and also runs an advice service which deals with pet problems to help owners.

Since being established in 2006, Support Adoption for Pets has helped more than 920 animal welfare organisations and rescues across the UK by awarding grants.

Waggy Tails chair Shelagh Meredith said: “Due to building regulation requirements, the budget for our new training room had to be increased, so we were absolutely overwhelmed when Support Adoption For Pets told us we had been awarded such a large grant to help complete this as well as the dog cabins.

“The dogs love the training room as they can run around and play, practice agility, train and socialise.

“Sometimes they like to just sit with the staff and have a cuddle.”

She added: “We are so grateful to Support Adoption for Pets for its generosity.”

For more information, visit supportadoptionforpets.co.uk or waggytails.org.uk