FEARS were raised of businesses moving out and firefighters taking longer to reach burning homes if a temporary traveller transit site is approved at Creekmoor, Poole.

Residents had the chance to find out about Borough of Poole’s controversial proposals to place a 12 plot summer site on land at Safety Drive, opposite the fire station at a display held at Creekmoor library.

Ward councillor John Rampton told residents that nearby businesses had threatened to move out or build a big fence which would block access through Safety Drive.

“That would add another three minutes to response times for fire crews,” he said.

“They would have to go to Upton Country Park and back to get to Creekmoor and Canford Heath.”

Resident Len Smith said: “I can’t believe where they want to put it, next to the fire station.

“It’s a fire risk if they have to go all the way round.”

Ward member Cllr Judy Butt said although having a site made it easier for the police to move on illegal encampments, this was not the answer.

“The gipsy and traveller community are all saying they will find some private land and go on it,” she said.

Fears of contamination were allayed by Jeff Morley, team manager, environmental and consumer protection, Borough of Poole, who said the land was filled with domestic refuse and a base would be covered with gravel, allowing methane gases to escape.

He said there would be a fence, no permanent buildings but a skip would be put on the site when in use along with portable loos.

Nicky Hoar of Dorset Wildlife Trust said: “We will be commenting to make sure we get the best outcome for wildlife and biodiversity that may be affected.”

Cllr Rampton added: “I am encouraging all Creekmoor residents to attend the planning committee and write in with their views to the planning department.”

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