A COMMUNITY radio station has launched to great fanfare in an east Dorset town.

Radio Wimborne, which is based at the Allendale Community Centre, can be heard both on the airwaves and online.

It is the town’s first radio station, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.

Former mayor Malcolm Angel, who runs Gullivers Bookshop in the High Street, said he has wanted to launch a station for Wimborne for more than 20 years.

“The launch was brilliant and quite surreal at the same time. It’s just fantastic to see it come to life like this,” he said.

Proceedings at the event were aptly rung in by town crier Chris Brown, who himself broadcasts under the moniker DJ Dapper Dan.

The station, in association with Forest FM, began broadcasting live on Monday lunchtime from its studio, and will be operating around the clock online.

Mr Angel said: “This has been made possible by the goodwill of Forest FM, plus an avalanche of benevolence and donations and a great deal of voluntary hard work.

“The station has the potential to give Wimborne its own voice, and to allow a fresh perspective on the things that are truly and locally important.”

The town’s Terry Wogans and Tony Blackburns of the future were recruited to the station, and there are currently around 12 broadcasters taking part.

For more information, visit radiowimborne.co.uk