AN ORDER that will aim to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve community safety across the whole of Bournemouth will be considered by councillors at Cabinet next week.

Following recent public consultation, councillors are being asked to recommend implementation of a borough-wide, Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) which would enable the police to use additional enforcement powers to tackle anti-social behaviour caused by street drinking.

A spokesperson from the council said the proposed borough-wide order received strong support through the consultation process, with 89 per cent of respondents agreeing that a DPPO should be introduced to cover the whole of Bournemouth.

Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Member for Planning and Environment, said: “We currently have a number of DPPOs in Bournemouth which cover specific areas including the town centre, Boscombe and Charminster as well as some parks land.

"The proposal is to extend the DPPO so that it covers the whole of the borough. From the consultation feedback it is clear that the public feel strongly about taking firm action against anti-social street drinking and support the proposed borough-wide DPPO.”

“We are seeing an increase in anti-social street drinking in some areas of Bournemouth often outside of the areas already covered by DPPOs. By extending the powers to cover all of Bournemouth the Council and the Police will be able deal with anti-social street drinking more quickly and effectively."

He emphasised that a DPPO doesn't mean that it is an offence to drink in a public space, adding: "However, for the minority who cause anti-social behaviour by street drinking, the Police would be able to exercise their powers to confiscate alcohol anywhere in the town.”