AN INTENSE fight between two female pupils which was filmed and put on Facebook has shocked parents at the secondary school in Poole.

The fight broke out between the two Year 10 girls on the premises at St Edward's Roman Catholic Church of England School on Monday January 6 but there were no serious injuries.

Police have not yet been involved but the school is dealing with the two pupils involved as well as their parents.

Claire Norman, who has a daughter in the sixth form at the school said: “I’m really surprised to say the least and shocked to hear that there was such a serious fight at the school.

“The parents have all been informed by the school and are concerned as there are strict rules about anti-bullying and use of social networking sites.

“The school is usually really good and I haven’t heard about many similar incidents occurring.”

St Edward’s has clear anti-bullying policies as well as a ban on using mobile phones on the school site and a ban on posting films on social networking sites.

Tutors have spoken to all students regarding the matter and reinforced the school’s policies.

Headteacher Pola Bevan said: “We are aware of a serious incident which took place at the school between two Year 10 girls. The incident was filmed by two students and posted on a social networking website.

“St Edward’s has clear behaviour and antibullying policies and prohibits the use of mobile phones on school premises and the posting of films on social networking sites.

“Such matters are taken very seriously indeed and the students involved in this incident have breached our policies and are being dealt with accordingly.

“Incidents of this nature fortunately are very rare at St Edward’s.”