EFFORTS to get an ice rink back in Bournemouth have received a major boost since hundreds of enthusiasts attended a reunion.

The event during the Christmas holidays arose out of a Facebook group sharing memories of the town’s former rink in Westover Road.

Two hundred people who remembered the attraction took to the ice at the BIC’s winter rink, with another 100 spectators.

Mary Waygood, who organised the event with Michele Harnett, said the event had been a big success. It inspired hundreds to sign an online petition to bring a new rink to Bournemouth.

Bournemouth council has already granted permission for a rink at Kings Park but the project has yet to get off the ground.

Mary said: “Everybody is desperate to get some kind of ice rink – Olympic-sized preferably – back in Bournemouth.

“Without it being Olympic-sized, it wouldn’t be viable because they need to have other sport events held there.

“The main thing is we need someone to come up with the money. We need an investor and a developer.”

Almost 800 people have supported the campaign at thepetitionsite.com so far. They say: “Following the recent reunion of ex Bournemouth Westover Ice Rink skaters it is very clear that Bournemouth needs a permanent Olympic-size ice rink now.

“The youth of Bournemouth and surrounding areas need the opportunity to learn new skills.

“A permanent ice facility would give them the chance to try figure skating, ice dance, ice hockey, speed skating, curling, and also somewhere to experience ice shows and teach them the importance of socialising and keeping fit at general skating sessions.

“This type of facility would benefit young and old alike, with the recent reunion attracting all ages from five to 85.”