RESIDENTS of prominent tower blocks in Poole which are undergoing a £7million makeover have called the refurbishment an “absolute shambles”.

Poole Housing Partnership said the delays to the renovation works at Sterte Court were “regrettable” and admitted moving the utility cables had been more complex than anticipated.

Contractors are currently laying the foundations and will be installing improved weather proofing and energy insulation, along with a new roof, windows, ventilation, balconies and ground floor lobbies.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The refurbishment has become an absolute shambles and after months the work has hardly progressed at all.

“The contractors all say that this is the worst site any of them have ever worked on, with poor planning and no one knowing what is going on.

“They say there has been a total mix up with moving the utility services and there is a dispute with the relevant companies.”

Leaseholders of the Poole flats have also expressed anger at having to pay what could amount to tens of thousands of pounds in contributions.

Joe Logan, Chief Executive, Poole Housing Partnership said: “Moving utilities cables at Sterte Court has been more complex than we anticipated, and as this work had to be undertaken before the foundations for the new balconies could be laid, the first phase of the project has been slightly delayed.

“This is a major works contract and such delays, regrettable as they may be, can occur.”

The works to the high-rise blocks along Holes Bay Road were thought to be necessary in order to improve the living conditions of residents and improve the appearance of the buildings.

Cllr Chris Wilson said: “They were in a dreadful condition and really needed work done to improve conditions for those living there.”