DORSET looks set to escape dangerous heatwave conditions forecast for parts of the south.

The Met Office yesterday raised the heat health level to two - warning people to be prepapred for heatwave conditions across large parts of the country.

The warnings are triggered when continuously high temperatures are expected for more than two days, including warm nights.

Temperatures in the county are expected to hit 25C today in bright sunshine, but detailed forecasts for the coming days suggest Bournemouth will be 10 degrees cooler than London by tomorrow.

The mercury in the capital is expected to rise to a tropical 32C before violent thunderstorms reduce temperatures.

But in Bournemouth just 22C is expected tomorrow with 21C forecast for both Saturday and Sunday. A weather warning is still in place for rain, thunder and hail on Saturday.

The Met Office has warned that forecasts could change and Public Health England has issued health advice in case the heatwave conditions move further west.

It said people should consider staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of fluids and wear sun cream that is at least factor 15.

It has also asked people to be aware of children and the elderly, to ensure they are not suffering because of the heat.

People should never be left in closed, parked cars, especially infants, young children or animals, a spokesman added.

Pet owners were also advised to keep their animals well-hydrated to avoid the risk of them developing heatstroke.

The highest temperature of the year so far is 28.7C recorded on July 4 but that is expected to be beaten tomorrow.