THE jury in the Rico Dardis murder trial has retired to consider its verdict.

Paul Gerlach, 51, and Louis Borzoni, 50, are accused of killing Mr Dardis when the three were at sea on speedboat No Chance on May 27 last year.

The Hon Mr Justice Blake told the jury at Winchester Crown Court that a unanimous decision was required, but they shouldn't feel under any pressure to rush.

Summing up, he said they should consider whether the defendants murdered 30-year-old Mr Dardis, or whether it was attempted murder or manslaughter.

The body of Mr Dardis, of Hawkwood Mews, Boscombe, was found washed up next to the boat near groynes at Seaway Avenue, Friar’s Cliff, Christchurch, later on the day of the alleged killing.

His cause of death was recorded by a coroner as drowning, and he also suffered injuries from a boat propeller.

Borzoni, of Hamilton Road, Boscombe, and Gerlach, of no fixed abode, deny murder.