AN insomniac who took a cocktail of valium, cannabis and alcohol in a bid to get to sleep broke into the Sovereign Shopping Centre and went on a stealing rampage, a court heard.

Adam Archer, of Harewood Gardens, Boscombe, was spotted by a member of the public leaving the centre with a cash till in the early hours of Saturday, June 7.

A short time later the “heavily intoxicated” 32-year-old was found by police inside a telephone box with a haul of stolen items, Heather Jackson, prosecuting, told Bournemouth Magistrates Court.

Archer, who is a recovering drug addict, pleaded guilty to three charges of burglary and one of assaulting a police officer when he appeared in the dock on Monday.

The court heard he smashed two glass doors to gain entry to the building before stealing around £230 in cash, a key and a selection of condiments and confectionery from BBs Café, including sachets of sugar, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Aero chocolate bars.

Miss Jackson said Archer then broke into the Garden Café and stole a till containing around £100.

Archer was later captured on CCTV attempting to break into the secondhand electrical goods shop CeX by throwing a table at the doors but failed to smash the glass.

When he was detained by police he appeared heavily intoxicated and spat at an officer through the gaps of the metal bars in the police van, Miss Jackson told the court.

David Hurley, defending, said Archer had been unable to sleep and had taken drugs and drank alcohol in the hope it would help him sleep.

“He became desperately tired,” Mr Hurley said.

The court heard that Archer had no recollection of being arrested or spitting at the officer and was unable to offer any explanation as to how he acquired the items found in his possession when interviewed by police.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report to be completed. Archer was released on unconditional bail until July 15.