A SCHOOL in Turlin Moor has seen students excel in their studies thanks to the support of vehicle recycling and parts experts in Poole.

The Quay School’s Harbourside Campus, in Turlin Road, hosts young people who are not in mainstream school due to exclusion or for personal reasons and teaches them vocational courses such as mechanics, hair and beauty and catering.

Trent’s, at Ringwood Road, heard about the school’s good work and decided that they wanted to help by donating a car for the students to work on, vehicle parts and the staff’s time to help train the aspiring mechanics.

Russell Arnold, assistant head teacher, said: “It really helps us to have Trent’s support and it’s great for the students as well. The students do up to Level 2 mechanics, which is a very good qualification, and prepares them for college. They are able to visit Trent’s and perhaps look to them for work experience. With the students we have at the moment, I can see them going very far with education and careers in mechanics and into garages. The course not only improves their mechanics skills, but also their literacy and numeracy and you see them grow in confidence.”

Martyn Akehurst, digital marketing executive at Trent’s, said: “The guys only had one vehicle to work on at the time, so we wanted to help increase their learning potential by doing what we could. It’s nice to get the Trent’s name out there and to help the local community.”