A REMARKABLE 105-year-old from Bournemouth celebrated her birthday with a tea party attended by the mayor on Sunday.

Edith Niblett, who lives in a flat at War Memorial Homes on Castle Lane West, was given cards, flowers and a cake to celebrate the special occasion surrounded by 40 of her friends.

The former shop worker said she was delighted to have received another card from the Queen and that Bournemouth mayor, Cllr Chris Mayne, had joined her to celebrate.

“I am very happy to have reached this age. I must have good genes,” she added.

“But I think having good quality olive oil every day has really helped. When I was much younger I had some gallbladder problems and the doctor advised me to take olive oil. It cured the problem so I decided to keep taking it – which I still do to this day.”

Edith, who moved to Bournemouth around 30 years ago, still cleans her own flat without assistance despite problems with her eyesight.

“I have lived there for a long time so I know where everything is. I have always liked to keep everything very clean and I intend to keep doing it myself for as long as I am able to,” she added.

Her home assistant, Angela Dinescu, said Edith also does her own ironing and is incredibly mobile and quick witted.

“She is just remarkable,” she added. “I learn something from her every day.”