How do you know if you're a true Dorsetarian? Do you fly the Dorset flag outside your house? develop a country accent? 

Here are ten signs you've lived in our beautiful county for a long time...

Bournemouth Echo: Dorset flag flies in Whitehall

1. Someone tells you they are going on holiday and you reply: “Where to?”

Bournemouth Echo:

2. You still sometimes call the Dolphin Centre The Arndale Centre 

Bournemouth Echo: CROWDS: The beach fills as Bournemouth experiences high temperatures

3. You know what a grockle is and you use the word in your vocabulary

Bournemouth Echo:

4. You can drive past Maiden Castle without craning your neck to look at it

Bournemouth Echo: Remembering Westover ice rink: fond memories to be shared at December reunion

5. You nod knowingly at most of the old photos in our Echoes pages

Bournemouth Echo:

6. You know at least one person who refers to car indicators as ‘winkers’

Bournemouth Echo: MADE IN DORSET: Savour them with mature cheese

7. You’ve stopped sniggering when you hear the words Dorset Knob

Bournemouth Echo:

8. You’re amused to see visitors buying up postcards of beauty spots because you see them all the time 

Bournemouth Echo:

9. You'd choose Dorset Apple Cake over Victoria Sponge anyday

Bournemouth Echo:

10. You’re getting less and less inclined to move anywhere else in the world

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