William Davies, seven, pupil, said: “I like lots of things, but my favourite things are the playground and when we do role play.

My favourite lessons are maths and science.”

Autumn Berry, seven, pupil, said: “I think the teachers are really kind and caring. My favourite subject is numeracy.”

Tasleema Langoo, a parent of two children at the school, aged eight and five, said: “My son started in the nursery and now he is a star, and now my daughter is here and she is a star too.

“The teachers are amazing and so respectful.”

Justine Collinson, a parent-governor, who has a child aged seven at the school, said: “In terms of being a parent, you want your child to be happy, safe and able to be themselves, and the school encompasses all of those things. The school also features many cultures and it is something that they have definitely keyed into.”

Fran Bradley, nursery school teacher, who has been at the school for six years, said: “There’s a big community at the school and we get to know the families really well, so the children trust us. Everything is done here with the children included.”

Claire Beare, teaching assistant, said: “I love that we are a more diverse school. I went to this school, as did my family, and it’s a privilege to come back. The school has very strong values and beliefs.”