A RINGWOOD school is set to open its doors again this summer to give local and foreign students a chance to shine in the arts.

For the fourth year running, the Ringwood Waldorf School will become a summer school for 12 to 16-year-olds.

From July 13 and August 3, a range of artistic and outdoor based activities will be held at the school.

Running parallel to the English language programme will also be a performing arts camp run by professionals, which is open to local young people and overseas students who have a high level of English This year the school expects to welcome up to 60 young people from abroad and, to help accommodate them during their stay, the summer school needs local families who can give the children temporary homes.

Host families will be paid for providing a home to the children attending the summer school.

Anyone interested in becoming a host for the students can contact Fee Van Gent on 01425 537003 or 07591 179803 or email fee-van-gent@gmx.net for more information.

Anyone interested in their children taking part in the performing arts camp should contact Adelle Spindlove on 02380 228203 or email adelle@lewis-school.co.uk.