OUTSTANDING! That’s the view of a team of experts after spending two days in the Winton and Glenmoor academies.

All aspects of the schools received high praise after inspectors were given free rein to examine every aspect of the way they are run.

At the end of the process they gave an overall outstanding rating, and gave the same grade to exam results, school improvement and teaching and learning. The way in which Pupil Premium money is spent and the training of new teachers was also praised.

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In a verbal report they said: “Most students in many subjects are making progress which is above national expectations and disadvantaged students are being well supported.

“There is a relentless drive to improve outcomes for children and the school is supporting all the teachers to do well through its professional development plan.”

The team also praised strong relationships between pupils and staff, high expectations and high quality marking.

They added: “Teaching and learning are the core purposes of any school. Without them, none of the rest would happen.

“Since the schools had their last inspections there are very strong indicators that the schools are working within the outstanding grade.”

Headteacher Ben Parnell said: “We are absolutely delighted by the judgments made by the team led by an experienced Ofsted inspector.

“The outstanding ratings in all aspects of our school reflect the hard work and commitment of our staff, students and parents every day.

“Over half the lessons observed were graded outstanding and show the massive improvements made at both academies.

“The great news for parents of children that do not have a place at our academies is that there are still spaces available for students in most year groups.

“Please feel free to book an appointment to visit our academies and have a look around yourselves.

“I am extremely proud of the achievements of everybody involved in our academies. Well done!”

What happened during the 'Mockstead' inspection process

THE opportunity to watch the entire inspection process was warmly welcomed by the Daily Echo.

The closest we normally get is when a report pops up on the Ofsted website so it was a real eye-opener to see what actually goes on.

We were allowed to attend all the meetings and lessons and soon discovered the process is rigorous and demanding of the schools.

Although the report was commissioned by Ben Parnell, it was clear he had no control over the findings and the team members were not there to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

The inspection team are all experienced, high-ranking teachers and are keen to pass on any tips and suggestions to make things even better at Winton and Glenmoor.

Day 1:

8-8.30am:  Inspection team to meet School Leadership Team

9-10.30am: Group splits to observe lessons in science, English, maths and music and to hold meetings about student achievement and school improvements

11am-12.30pm: Observe lessons in science, art, maths and English, hold meetings with senior staff and go on learning walk around the school.

1.15-3pm: Observe ICT and history and discuss partnerships, areas of excellence and Student Voice

3.30-5pm:  Inspectors to discuss findings so far with the School Leadership Team

Day 2:

8-8.20am: Best Practice Briefing

9-10.30am: Observe food technology, languages, ICT and maths and hold meetings to discuss areas of excellence and data.

11-11.45am: Observe science and maths and attend a seminar

11.45am-1.15pm: Inspectors and School leadership Team meet for judgement.

Inspection team:

  • Lead inspector:  Rob Bourden-Pierre
  • Fiona Oliver
  • Charlotte Hames
  • Jon Wilburn
  • Jacquie Smith

Inspection results:

  • Overall result: Outstanding
  • Exam results: Outstanding
  • School improvement:  Outstanding
  • Teaching and Learning: Outstanding