Thought you knew everything about Britain’s favourite beach? You so do not.

Here are ten spectacular Studland facts...

1. Studland’s elysian waters boast the largest colony of breeding seahorses in the UK

2. The golden sands were the backdrop for the video of the hit Coldplay song ‘Yellow’, appropriately.

3. The bay and its environs are home to a flock of wild, ring-necked parakeets.

Bournemouth Echo: PRINCESS OF WALES: Diana died 15 years ago today

4. The late Princess Diana once declared it to be her favourite beach.

Bournemouth Echo: Winston Churchill

5. Winston Churchill, King George VI, Eisenhower and General Montgomery all squashed into the area’s Fort Henry bunker to watch Operation Smash, a practice D-Day invasion, in 1944. Fort Henry, scene of this augustness, has since been listed.

6. Bloomsbury artist Vanessa Bell’s 1912 painting of the landscape iis considered Britain’s first modernist painting.

7. Studland regularly tops the list of Britain’s best naturist beaches.

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8. The beach, with Bournemouth in the background, was the setting of the opening scene from the first episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

Bournemouth Echo: ICON: Children’s writer Enid Blyton

9. The Isle of Purbeck Golf Club to the west of Studland was once owned by author Enid Blyton.

10. All six species of British reptile live peaceably on the heathland just behind the dunes.

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