That’s the message from Dorset Police officers who this evening targeted motorists who flout the law.

Drivers speeding on the county’s three main roads – the A35, A338 and A31 – were pulled over by officers during the safety operation, with many issued with a fixed penalty notice and given points on their licence.

The ‘no excuse’ team aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads.

Operations manager Brian Austin said the evening’s particular focus was on motorcyclists speeding to Poole Bike Night at the Quay.

“We have received increased complaints about speeding motorcyclists on their way there,” he said.

“We are receiving complaints in multiples.”

He said a previous initiative had resulted in five bikers being pulled over on the A31.

All had been travelling at 115 miles per hour.

“Bikes are going past houses at speed, and we must react to that,” he said.

Lead Sergeant Stuart Pitman said the initiative is about “deploying resources to communities who are suffering as the result of anti-social driving”.

“There are a small number of individuals who continue to flout traffic laws,” he added.

Among those stopped was a 37-year-old man driving a black Kia Sedona.

After being pulled over for driving at 51 miles per hour in a 40mph zone, he told officers: “It’s an automatic.

“I’m not used to driving an automatic.”