A BOURNEMOUTH builder was left jumping for joy after winning £1million on a scratchcard during his coffee break.

John Abreu, 37, said he plans to buy his family a new home after becoming an instant millionaire.

The father of six, who bought the £5 National lottery scratchcard on Monday, said: “I bought a scratchcard and although I didn’t win on that one I had a feeling I might get lucky, so thought it was worth another shot and bought another one.

“I scratched it there in the store and was screaming when I realised I had won. I have only won the odd £10 or £30 before, so was in absolute shock to see I had won £1million.”

Mr Abreu and his wife Silvana, who works as a healthcare assistant, have been renting a house in Bournemouth. Thanks to their life-changing win the couple now are looking forward to owning their very own family home.

Mr Abreu said when he first called his wife to share the good news she didn’t believe him.

He said: “My friend was outside and had to call her to convince her that it was true. She is delighted and can’t wait for us to have our own house.”

Mr Abreu, who runs his own home improvement company, J Construction UK ltd, celebrated his windfall yesterday at the Christchurch Harbour Hotel and Spa.

He said: “It still hasn’t really sunk in. This win has changed our lives and given us security for the future. We have rented for a while, so having our own home will be really good for our family.”

One in 4,232,860 chance

LAST month a mystery man from Poole won a staggering £4million on a National Lottery scratchcard.

The lucky winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, scooped the jackpot prize after playing a £10 Gold scratchcard bought from the Spar in Bournemouth Road, Ashley Cross.

There have only ever been four £4Million Gold scratchcards in circulation and the Poole winner is the second person to hit the jackpot.

According to National Lottery scratchcard operators Camelot, there was a one in 4,232,860 chance of winning £4m.