TWENTY-eight caravans and motorhomes parked on Turlin Moor Recreational Ground will have to move by tomorrow, say Borough of Poole.

Poole council went to court this morning to obtain a court order which has been served on the unauthorised encampment and the owners of the vehicles will have to move off by 12noon.

A spokesperson for Borough of Poole also said that the site is in a ‘poor’ condition and will be cleaned after the group have left.

Peter Haikin, regulatory services manager for Borough of Poole, told Daily Echo on Tuesday that while skips have been provided to keep the area tidy, a ‘significant amount’ of waste had been dropped on the site.

He added: “There remains an unauthorised encampment located on private land at Napier Road. While it is the landowner’s responsibility to take court action to remove the travellers, we will provide advice to them on legal processes should this be required.”

Julie Bagwell, a resident and independent chairman of the Hamworthy Safer Neighbourhood Team, says that fears have been raised among residents as to where the caravans and motorhomes from the Turlin Moor site may turn up to next.

She added: “Until the travellers have all left the park, we do not know how quickly or how long it will take for the council to clear up the site.

“The skips should have been brought in on Friday last week, rather than leaving it until the Monday, as the travellers have been bagging it up and placing it on a pile. However, with the wind and a large group of seagulls attacking it, the rubbish has blown across the rec.

“The main issue is that we don’t know where they will go next, but if it is the site near Rockley Park, the residents could be in for worse conditions than at the moment.

“The residents have complained of dogs barking and fighting, the electric generators constantly running, and trees being cut down to make more room.”