THE annual music festival held in Wimborne to raise awareness of the organ donor register is being held next Saturday.

Hen Fest, which is organised by Gail Stewart in support of her daughter, Kate Hennessy, 22, who has cystic fibrosis, takes place on July 12, at Deans Court, featuring a host of music and entertainment.

Gail says that the event, which is now in its fourth year, will raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Charity, which have helped Kate over the years.

Mum, Gail, said: “This year’s Hen Fest is also being held during National Transplant Week, which runs from July 7-13, so we are trying to raise awareness of the register. One of the sad facts is that when people sign up to the register and you are sitting next to that person who has just gone through a hugely traumatic event, you think that their body has already gone through enough.

“So, if people have talked about it beforehand, then if they are in that situation, they can remember that their loved one has already told them what they wish to happen when they die.”

Gail said that her daughter, Kate, is doing ‘pretty well’ now and is determined to do everything that she has always wanted to do, after being given ‘a second chance at life’ following the operation.

This year’s festival will feature a mini-real ale festival, circus skills entertainment and performances from bands including Fearne, Powdered Cows, and the Basement Choir.

Tickets are available on a limited basis and for more information, go to uk or search for Hen Fest on Facebook.