THERE’S no running water or mains electriciy, you can’t sleep in it during the winter, and for the same price you could have a three-bedroom house.

But the attraction of Mudeford's wooden beach huts hasn't lessened - this hut with sea glimpses is on sale for £225,000.

The chalet-style hut stands on the coveted Mudeford sandspit – where beach huts can sell for anything upwards of £115,000.

Andy Denison, of Denisons Estate Agents in Christchurch, who is selling hut 155, said he has just sold another hut on the spit for around £135,000.

And along with hut 155, which is in front of the public toilet block, another is on sale for £115,000.

Last year's top priced hut went on sale for £200,000. But this one is being marketed as a bungalow, despite the lack of facilities.

Andy said: “If you get a hut that’s bigger than a regular one, with a mezzanine floor, then the value seems to increase. This hut is a split level hut with a bedroom area and people can sleep in the front bit as well. This will accommodate about 10 people.

“There are solar panels for lighting; nobody has mains water with most people get their water from the standing pipes that are dotted around.

“The hut has been in the family for donkey’s years and it has got potential for people to put their own style on it.”

Along with a £15,000 transfer fee, the new owner will pay more than £2,600 ground rent to Christchurch council plus fees.

Steve Barratt, chairman of the Mudeford Sandbank beach Hut Association said it’s not unusual for huts to go on the market at this price.

“People tend to put them on for a lot more than they actually get. Standard size huts usually go for between £150,000-£160,000 and then people negotiate transfer fees or add them onto the price,” he said.

“Beach huts have outstripped property prices over the years by several times.

“It just comes down to what people are willing to pay for it.”

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