CROWDS gathered for Dorset’s spiciest event on Saturday and Sunday.

The first-ever Cheese and Chilli Festival saw hundreds flock to Bournemouth Sports Club, Chapel Gate, in order to taste an array of delicious dishes.

And there was something for all to enjoy, with rides and games for children, a free wine masterclass and even a palate-cleansing real ale festival for those who had had enough heat for one day.

Andi Ashworth-Foster, of Ashley Cross, took friend Krys Brophy to sample some spice.

The two could be found at the Wiltshire Chilli Farm stall getting to grips with the Hellish Habanero sauce.

Andi said: “We’re the original Spice Girls – I love spicy food, so it’s great.

“We’re having a nice day wandering about in the sunshine.”

Krys said: “We’re visiting for the festival and it’s a beautiful weekend to be here.”

Those looking to add even more of a kick to their chilli went straight to the Bootleg Liquor stall.

The business, which launched this year, is owned by brothers James and Daniel Ingram-Johnson of Three Legged Cross, together with their friend Luke Marshall.

James said: “We wanted to put a bit of a chilli twist into our cocktails.

“It’s great to be able to come to an event where we grew up. We’ve been busy at festivals so far, so it’s fantastic to be here enjoying the sunshine.”

George and Sarah Crabb even enjoyed a more unusual cheese and chilli treat.

The two headed straight for the Purbeck Ice Cream stand, where flavours Chilli Red and Vinny Blue were on sale.

Sarah said: “We’re having a lovely time here.

“It’s a gorgeous day. We’ve just visited the Venezuelan street food stall, which was fantastic. It’s great to have a local event like this – I hope that it gives visitors to Dorset the chance to see how fantastic it is here.”