HELICOPTER drones will be used to help get solar panels and other renewable energy equipment to buildings where it would have previously been impossible.

Poole company H2 Eco has joined forces with Buckan Estates, which uses military specification helicopter drones to take photos in spots that other surveyors would struggle to reach.

H2 Eco will use the surveying to develop smarter ways to install renewable energy equipment in inaccessible spots.

Stuart Venables of Buckan Estates said: “As a customer of H2 Eco I have always been impressed with the renewable energy options.

“I was struck that my company, with the use of our drone, could provide H2 Eco with a great way to survey otherwise inaccessible roofs and help them install their products.”

Mike Stephenson, owner of H2 Eco, said the collaboration would make it possible to reach hundreds more homes.