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  • THE man accused of murdering a Bournemouth student has gone on trial at Winchester Crown Court today.
  • Alvin Jay Santos, 25, was charged with murder following the death of 16-year-old Linda Lietaviete in December last year.
  • The former Glenmoor schoolgirl's body was discovered at Horseshoe Common.
  • A post-mortem into her death recorded that Miss Lietaviete had died of two stab wounds to the chest.
  • Santos, of Wimborne Road in Bournemouth, denies the charge.


There are no more witnesses today - the trial will resume tomorrow morning at 10am.


This is because he was "slurring". Santos told Mr Fletcher he was with Linda and couldn't come over 


Finally a statement from Duncan Fletcher, who has known Santos for a decade.

"He is like a brother to me," the statement reads.

He called Santos on his mobile on the night of Linda's death to see if he wanted to come over but said he thought Santos was "drunk"


The only other person this witness saw there was a "homeless-type person" sat on bench 


Another statement from a woman called Rebecca Baker who walked through Horseshoe Common that evening after 9pm.

She used "the only lit pathway" through the common to reach the town from her home.

As she walked through the pond area she saw two people sat on a bench.

"I saw two figures sat on a bench facing each other," she said.

"They were in my view for a matter of a few seconds only."

They were "holding a bottle each" and listening to music 


Statement being read from a woman who saw Santos and Linda together on the common near the pond at around 8.45pm.

She heard laughter coming from a "very dark area" nearby.

Saw two people sitting together on wall in the dark.

"Both have the impression of bring happy," the statement reads. She was around 15 to 20 yards away


Linda waits outside the Subway while Santos asks a member of staff for a number of plastic cups. The two then walk together to Horseshoe Common. This is the final time they are captured on CCTV as there is none covering the common itself 


Footage from Co-op shown. Santos selects bottle of Coke and bottle of vodka and pays with cash.

He's wearing very identifiable clothes in this footage, including a bobble hat.

When he leaves the shop, he meets Linda and the two walk to Subway


Lots of CCTV of their journey.

At one point Linda stops in a doorway. Santos continues to a shop in the road, but doesn't go in.

They turn around and walk back the way they came.

Santos then goes into a Co-op close to the entrance of Horseshoe Common.


Court is being shown the images of Linda and Santos walking together back through the town.

At 19.34 Santos is seen with Linda. They reach Horseshoe Common and continue up Old Christchurch Road.

At this time of the evening in December, it's very dark - cars in the footage have their headlights on 


The jury are now being shown that footage of Santos making his way to the Square on the evening of December 12.

Now CCTV footage from the flats where Linda lived is being shown. She is shown on her way out of the building and walking down Richmond Hill towards the Square


This is the first sighting of the defendant on that evening.

The first sighting of Linda was close to the Richmond Hill interchange, near to her home address, at 7.30pm


The jury are hearing now about CCTV captured of Santos at 19.15 on December 12 in Old Christchurch Road


No further questions for Diana, who can now leave the court


Diana last met him in the October before Linda died.

She said the defendant was friendly, gave them both a hug and chatted with them.

After this time, Diana became aware the two were chatting on Whatsapp


He is giving Diana the names of Linda's acquaintances and asking whether she knew them. 

Q: so far as Alvin is concerned you met him in the summer of 2012?

A: it could be, yes

Q: he seemed a really pleasant young man

A: that's right 


Mr Mousley for the defence is now cross-examining Diana. He says she described Linda as a "private person" in her statement to the police.


Diana called the police a little while after midnight, but was told after they arrived that a body had been found.

She identified Linda's body on December 14.


Diana says after realising she wasn't in her room she texted Linda but received no reply. She then called her, but it went straight to voicemail. She checked both of Linda's Facebook accounts and then called friends.

She then tried to contact Santos on both of his numbers.

There was no answer 


Ms Maylin is now asking about the night of Linda's death.

Diana had been working, and Linda texted her to ask what time she would finish work.

Linda planned to meet her, but 20 minutes later texted again to say she couldn't meet her because she was tired and needed to sleep.

However, when Diana arrived home at around 11.30 that night, Linda wasn't there 


Linda had used Diana's phone to text Santos, and she therefore had both of his mobile phone numbers saved in her phone.

She attempted to use these numbers on the night of Linda's death, Ms Maylin told us in her opening remarks 


Diana didn't know how old Santos was straight away, but Linda told her a few weeks after she met him. He was around 22 at this time. Diana thought he was "a nice guy", but only met him around three times, with Linda there on each of those occasions 


Diana is now talking about Santos. She says Linda "liked him as a friend but there was nothing more".

However, he "wanted a relationship with her", she said 


Both girls even worked just doors away from each other, although Diana often worked later.

"She always met me in the Square when I came from the bus and we would walk home together," Diana says.


Ms Maylin asking Diana about Linda's Facebook accounts. She had two, one under her own name and one under a second name.

Diana was aware of both and knew passwords for both. She says they "trusted each other with everything"


Both Diana and Linda are originally from Latvia.

Diana says she and her mother came to live with Linda's family at the end of September last year.


Jury are seated again after the break. First witness for the prosecution this afternoon is Linda's friend Diana. Diana and her mother were living with the Lietavietes at the time of Linda's death.

Diana and Linda met at the age of around 14, and the witness says they "bonded straight away"


Break for lunch now - we'll begin again at approximately 2.15


We are hearing evidence about what Linda did on the day of her death. She had attended a Christmas outing with fellow students at Bournemouth and Poole College.

The students had been to a museum and afternoon tea in Bournemouth.

The following day, she didn't arrive for lessons and her worried tutor tried to contact her at home.


After calling the police, Linda's mother said they arrived and asked her what Linda had been wearing that night. They had already been contacted by Santos's sister Catherine when they arrived at the house.


Linda's mother says she had not met Santos herself, and only heard about him through talking to Linda.

Ms Maylin is recounting the night of the incident now.

"I was not worried as I thought she was with her friends," she reads.

Now details about how she desperately tried to reach Linda and called around all her friends when she did not return home


Jury hearing through the statement that Santos wanted a relationship with linda, but she had only wanted friendship. He gave her a necklace one Valentine's Day, but they had remained friends 


The first statement to be read was given by Linda's mother on January 11 this year.

The statement reads that Linda was the youngest of four.

All the children were raised in Latvia initially but the family moved to Bournemouth in 2008


Before this happens, we are hearing from William Mousley for the defence. He is telling the jury that, before they were called this morning, Santos admitted manslaughter and denied murder. 

"From the word go he had admitted that he is responsible for killing Linda," he says.

He tells the jury the issues for them to decide will be if Santos committed murder or manslaughter, and what his state of mind was


The jury are coming back in. We're about to hear two statements from witnesses for the prosecution, which will be read aloud by Ms Maylin, and then a break for lunch 


I apologise - I've misspelled Santos's sister's name. It's Catherine, not Katherine


Jury are going out for a break before Ms Maylin calls her first witness


Ms Maylin said that at the time of the assault against Santos, Linda would have been a 14-year-old schoolgirl.

The judge is now telling the jury they must be "dispassionate" when trying this case 


She says that Santos told police he used to carry a knife around when he was nervous because of the assault. He allegedly told officers during interview that he didn't call 999 after because "They wouldn't believe that I accidentally stabbed her" 


When he came around, Ms Maylin tells us, he saw Linda's body on the floor. She says he then attempted to conceal her body. He tried to pull off her clothes to get rid of them, but was "too drunk", the prosecutor says


He was unwell for four months after this incident, which left him with injuries including a broken jaw. Allegedly his injuries mean that he "blacks out" when he's very angry. He told officers that after Linda told him this he suffered one such black out 


During interview, Santos allegedly told police he had become "as angry as it is possible to be" after Linda told him she was responsible for an assault against him in December a few years before 


Although Santos had "slurred" on the phone to a friend on the evening of December 12, police did not find evidence that he was drunk when he was arrested. He is believed to have taken drug methylone recreationally though. This drug is similar to ecstasy or MDMA


Investigators carefully studied the scene at Horseshoe Common. Ms Maylin said they concluded Linda was likely to have been dragged by her arms along the ground so that her upper body had not come into contact much with the ground 


Linda also had wounds to the left side of her upper body that were suggestive of defensive injuries, the pathologist found


Linda had been wearing tight jeans which were around her ankles when examined. Her jumper had been pulled up.

She had received no injuries suggestive of a violent sexual assault 


During her examination, the pathologist found Linda had seven stab wounds, two that had injured her heart. The wounds ranged from two to seven centimetres deep


The pathologist found blood on both sides of the flyover's 'strut' and blood staining along the drag marks.


The body of Linda was examined by a pathologist, who also visited the scene of her death with police investigators.

Ms Maylin said she examined areas of blood pooling and the apparent drag marks.



The jury are now bring shown maps to demonstrate where certain items were found on relation to Horseshoe Common and Santos's house 


He was immediately arrested when Linda's body was found. Officers then found clothing and a white handbag in a bin nearby. A knife was discovered at  Chipping Dean, close to Santos's house, in an Asda carrier bag


Police officers attended Santos's home and found his sister to be "hysterical". They said Santos himself was "incoherent", and banged his head on the floor three times. He allegedly asked one of the officers: "Can you kill me without hurting me?" and "Kill me, kill me."


She had suffered stab wounds and lacerations. She had already died by the time she was discovered, Ms Maylin said 


It was here that paramedics found Linda's body, buried under a pile of leaves.


When searching the area, one paramedic saw "blood stains". They then spotted "drag marks" and followed them to a wooded area


Ms Maylin said Santos was repeatedly saying "I'm sorry". She says he told his sister he had stabbed a female. Katherine called the emergency services and asked them to go to Horseshoe Common as a woman needed help, it is alleged


Shortly after 11pm, Santos's sister Katherine saw her brother back at home. She thought he was acting strangely and wasn't wearing any clothes, Ms Maylin said.

He then left the house carrying a black plastic bag. An hour later he returned. He lay on the floor crying, it is alleged. 


Linda sent a text to a friend asking to meet her that evening, but then texted again to cancel. The friend returned to the home she shared with Linda and her family at around 11.30pm only to find Linda wasn't there. She began to try and contact Linda before reporting her missing after midnight.


CCTV captured Santos buying vodka at a convenience store, and the two then sat together at Horseshoe Common. Witnesses saw them together there 


The two met up that evening on Bournemouth Square. CCTV stills being shown to the jury of Linda leaving her flat.

Ms Maylin said: "They meet at 19.34 and then there are various sightings of them."


On the day of her death, Linda and Santos had used Whatsapp to speak to each other. She said "Hey, how are you?" and they communicated for 50 minutes.

At 18.41 that day he says "Fancy drinking?" 

They later met up at his suggestion, prosecutor says


Prosecution say Linda was found in "partially unclothed state". She was friends with Santos since the age of 14, Ms Maylin says


Ms Maylin says Linda sustained "a number of stab wounds" on December 12 last year. Her body was found by paramedics in the early hours of the following day


Santos is in the dock, and the jury have been sworn in. These six men and six women will hear all the evidence in the trial, expected to take just over a week


Good morning. Prosecutor Kerry Maylin is about to open the case against Santos at Wincester Crown Court



The trial has started for the man accused of murdering Bournemouth student Linda Lietaviete in December last year.

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