A THINK tank is hosting a meeting in an effort to prevent a ‘lost generation’ taking their talents away from the area.

The event, 2020Plus Bournemouth, will consider how to create ‘cultures of innovation’ to engage with the brightest of the town’s Millennial generation, aged 18 to 30.

2020Plus says many well-trained members of that generation could leave the area because of the challenges of affordable housing and an ageing population.

Its event on Thursday is part of an international project helping businesses and civic leaders identify challenges to future growth and opportunities to engage the next generation.

2020Plus chairman and keynote speaker Mal Fletcher said: “This is especially crucial for Bournemouth and district because many of its youngest, brightest and best are either trading jobs in their chosen fields for less attractive options or leaving the area to find them. We can address this now, by finding ways to engage the unique talents of the Millennial generation while attracting leaders of new, innovative businesses to the district.”

Among the issues to be tackled in two keynote sessions are the risks of Bournemouth training some of the country’s best talent in new fields like CGI film technologies, only to lose them when they graduate.

Mr Fletcher will also focus on the area’s potential as an ‘innovation hub’ in areas such as prosthetic technologies.

2020Plus Bournemouth is being run in conjunction with the Bournemouth social enterprise base Destiny Enterprises and will bring together local and regional government, business, education, public services and the third sector.

Mr Fletcher said: “Our aim is to provide a catalyst for higher levels of confidence and creativity in Bournemouth’s business and civic sectors.

“We want to inspire the development of a culture of innovation across all sectors, by helping entrepreneurs discover new skills and by enabling planners to enhance the lives of future young adult residents.

“Crucial to this is engagement with the growing third sector of community volunteers.”

Engaging the Millennial Generation Through Innovation takes place on Thursday, May 15, 7.45am to 10.30am, at Destiny Hub, 25A Elliott Road, West Howe.

More details at 2020plus.net /bournemouth