A MEMORIAL walk is being held in honour of Gheorghe Igna who died after sustaining fatal head injuries on a rural road in Christchurch.

After meeting the 48-year-old Romanian in the months prior to his death, Anastasia Victoria set up a homeless support group called Street Light.

Describing him as her inspiration, she now provides food and support to homeless people across Bournemouth.

“We’ve organised an event in memory of Gheorghe to raise money for Street Light to help other homeless people,” the 23-year-old explained.

The walk, which will take place on May 17, will set off from Mudeford Beach where Mr Igna used to live in a tent.

Those taking part are being asked to bring along their bicycles in his honour.

Miss Victoria explained: “When I first met Gheorghe he told me he had just bought a bike for £10 and was going to cycle to Weymouth. Little did I actually know that he couldn’t actually ride a bike.”

“Gheorghe used to push his bike along with his carrier bags on the handles, so we are planning to walk from Mudeford through Christchurch, Boscombe and Bournemouth pushing our bikes.”

Participants are asked to bring carrier bags filled with toiletries and other essentials to give rough sleepers along the way.

“Gheorghe used to give flowers and chocolates to women at his church. He was a real ladies man, Miss Victoria said.

“So we’ve requested that people bring along a bunch of flowers and give them to women and children in memory of Gheorghe.”

Mr Igna, who has been described as a “happy” and “easily loveable” gentleman, was found with serious head injuries on Dudmoor Farm Road on Monday, March 31. After a ten day fight for life he passed away at Southampton General Hospital.

Initially it was thought he may have been the victim of a hit-and-run however police now believe he either jumped or fell from a moving silver Toyota Hilux pick-up.