A 10-YEAR-OLD girl from Poole has had her luscious locks chopped off because she wanted to make a little girl with cancer happy.

Lauren Hart was adamant she was going to donate her hair to the charity the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for young girls undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

“She had her hair trimmed about two weeks ago and that’s where the idea came from,” said mum Sarah Hart.

“The hairdresser said to look up the Princess Trust. As soon as she got home she looked it up and ordered a fundraising pack.”

The youngster, who is a pupil at Hillbourne School, raised £370 for the charity as well as donating around 30cm of her hair to be made into a wig.

“We have lost people due to cancer in our family and she lost her grandma to cancer three years ago,” she explained.

“She said she just wanted to make a little girl happy.”

Following the big trim the youngster said she liked her new hairstyle, despite it being a little bit cold, and had no regrets about having it cut short.

“She’s always had long hair but now it’s level with her chin,” Mrs Hart said “I didn’t think she would go through with it. When she looked it up on the internet I was saying ‘are you sure?’ but she was determined to do it.”

She added: “She was a little bit nervous at first but when the photographer turned up she loved it.”