KIND-HEARTED members of the public have donated more than 2,000 pieces of clothing to help people in need.

In October, The Zipyard in Winton launched an appeal asking for customers to donate clothes for homeless people across Bournemouth. Six months later the owners of the clothing repair shop said they have been amazed at the response.

“We had a massive response – more than 2,000 items have been donated since October,” exp-lained shop owner Kevin Old.

He added: “We were collecting clothing for the homeless and distributing it via Bournemouth Food Bank, which is also Bourne-mouth clothing bank.

“We were having to arrange daily pick-ups. We really didn’t anticipate the response from our customers.”

Last week the mayor of Bournemouth, Councillor Rod Cooper, who backed the campaign when it was first launched in the fall, visited the shop to congratulate the team for their hard work.

And regular Zipyard customer Liz Fackrell was given a brand new TV after winning a prize draw which ran alongside the appeal.

“Liz is one of our regular customers who donated to the appeal,” Mr Old said.

“Everyone who donated had the chance to enter the draw and the winner was picked out of a hat.”

Debbie Bramley, manager at Bournemouth Foodbank, said the clothes are being passed on to those in need.

“People have been very generous as they are with food,” she said.

“We launched the clothing bank last year and The Zipyard are the first people to help us with it.

“People are coming in and taking the clothes they need.”

Mr Old said the appeal has now ended but will be re-launched later in the year.

The 51-year-old said: “Obvious-ly now the weather has changed the campaign has ended now but we will definitely start up again in October.”