THE most distinctive manhole cover in town has gone on display at AFC Bournemouth’s Dean Court Stadium.

The unusual souvenir was presented 30 years ago to Bournemouth’s then-mayor, Jeanne Curtis, in recognition of her support for the Cherries.

Now her husband Fred has returned it to the club, where it will be on display.

It was originally presented to Jeanne at the mayor’s banquet and ball in 1984 by a gathering including Cherries’ then- manager Harry Redknapp and superstar George Best.

The manhole was inscribed to Jeanne by the Vice Presidents Club of AFC Bournemouth, a social club which supported the team. Jeanne has since died.

Barry Kerslake, who was a member of the Vice Presidents Club, said the idea originated at a social evening when members took turns in standing on a rusty manhole cover to tell a joke. Builder Dave Smith had it cleaned and painted for Jeanne.

Jeanne’s year as mayor coincided with the Cherries’ 2-0 defeat of Manchester United in the FA Cup. Afterwards, she welcomed the squad to a reception at the mayor’s parlour.

The cover is currently being displayed in the Family Stand's concourse.

However, the club is looking to move it to the reception area very soon.