A NEW social network which aims to fight the issue of isolation and loneliness has been launched in Hamworthy.

Yooblr, a website made to help people form friendships with others in their local community who enjoy shared interests, was unveiled by its creator, Kyrsty Fairchild, with the help of Mayor of Poole, Cllr Phil Eades.

The hope is that one day it will be more popular than Facebook and Twitter and will revolutionise how people use the web, using it to harbour friendships online, which can be brought into real life.

Kyrsty said that she had brought people together for the launch of Yooblr to talk about loneliness and the devastation it can cause.

She added: “I have created a website where people can put in all their details and box-tick all of the things that they are interested in, and then search for other people in their area who have picked the same things.”

Kyrsty says that by breaking down the barriers that stop people meeting others, it starts to bring them back into society and allows them to live the life they want to live, not the life they are currently living.

“Britain is collectively suffering from an unseen problem and we want to remove the stigma of being lonely.

“It’s far easier talking to someone you don’t know if you share common ground with them.”

Sue Wills, library service manager for Borough of Poole, said: “Our libraries are seen as safe and inclusive spaces that welcome everyone.

“With our Computer Buddies programme, we help people who aren’t so computer savvy to get online.

“They now have another reason to use the internet, which is to increase their social circles and enjoy new experiences.”