IT’S known for its elderly population but some feel a new BBC television show may have gone a step too far in its representation of Christchurch.

A new television show, Invasion of the Job Snatchers, aired on BBC3 on Wednesday night, after weeks of filming in the historic borough last year.

Despite the focus of the show centring on young people, numerous filler shots of elderly people on mobility scooters and using Zimmer frames have not been well-received by the town’s residents.

Only last year, leader of the council, Ray Nottage hit out at Top Gear producers after they designed a car tailored for older people.

He questioned why Christchurch was portrayed as “some sort of extension to a massive old people’s home”, and invited Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to put a councillor in a reasonably priced car.

Following the first episode of Job Snatchers on Wednesday, Cllr Nottage said: “As with most reality TV shows, the producers edit the programme to suit their topic.

“However, looking at the programme you would think that Christchurch doesn’t have anyone under the age of 60 living here, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Although we do have the largest proportion of over 60s in the country, 65 per cent of our residents are under that age.

“We have a thriving manufacturing and industrial economy and a vibrant service sector with a huge range of restaurants – none of that was portrayed.

“On the plus side, it did show how scenic the borough is and I’m sure will provide a boost for tourism.”

Businesses including Stewarts Garden Lands, Mudeford Ferry, Jon Terry hair salon, Peeks Party Store and Robin Lambe butchers at St Catherine’s Hill all featured in the first episode.