A COUPLE from Poole are calling for the “dangerous” dog which attacked their two-year-old West Highland Terrier in the middle of the highstreet to be seized by police.

Susan and Anthony Burrell were out shopping when their pet dog Dexter was set upon by what they believe to be an American pitbull cross, a banned breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

During the frenzied attack, which took place on Saturday, March 15, the family’s pet was pinned to the floor while Mr Burrell and passers-by tried desperately to pull him free.

Mrs Burrell, who works as a nurse at Poole Hospital, said: “My husband was walking along with him [Dexter] and the dog just grabbed him and started throwing him around.”

“It was horrific. I thought he was going to die,”

Mrs Burrell has thanked passers-by who tried to help as her husband attempted to rescue the dog.

“One woman was throwing water over them. Another man was trying to pull open the dog’s jaw. In the end it finally let go,” she said.

The family’s pet suffered bite wounds and bruising during the attack.

Mrs Burrell said: “He ended up with one of the incisors hooking into him. He has teeth marks all over him. He’s very swollen and bruised.

She added: “The most distressing thing was that the police did not take the dog. It could have been a child.”

Sarah Whitbourn, animal welfare officer at Borough of Poole, said: “We received a report of a dog attacking another dog in Poole High Street and are currently investigating to establish what, if any, action might be taken against the owner of the attacking dog.

“It was initially thought the dog might be a banned breed and if we feel this is the case we will pass the case to the police for further investigation.

“If the dog is not a banned breed then we may consider action such as a muzzle.”