IT MIGHT be a marathon on a small scale – but that’s about right for these little runners.

Children from Christchurch Infants have been running rings around the school, all in the name of raising funds for a good cause.

And some of the youngest pupils even created tiny versions of famous London landmarks to add an authentic feel to the charity challenge.

Head Jane Ashenden said: “This was a sponsored event to help raise funds for a learning programme we use on the school computers.

“The technology is called Espresso, and it’s absolutely invaluable for teachers to help youngsters learning in the classrooms.”

Each child in the school got involved in the mini marathon, which took place throughout the day.

Mrs Ashenden said: “Children in year two have been learning all about London, and decided to make enormous landmarks to place around the route.

“We had Big Ben, the Shard, a London bus and Buckingham Palace in Dorset for the day. Then the pupils had to see how many laps they could do. They did so well and really put their hearts into it.

“We’re collecting in the money now, and I’m sure it will make a real difference,” she said.

“Each child received a certificate to mark their achievement.”