A FRAIL cat suffering from dementia was savaged by a Staffordshire Bull Terrier while the dog’s owner watched on, witnesses say.

Bingo, a 22-year-old moggy, lost almost half the blood in her body, suffered a broken leg, a smashed vertebrae and a fractured skull in the attack. Her owner later agreed to put her down.

Bingo’s owner Richard McClelland, of Phyldon Road, Parkstone, Poole, told the Daily Echo a neighbour had tried to stop the attack while the dog’s owner did nothing.

“I was told by the people who witnessed the attack that Bingo was just lying on a neighbours drive as she often does,” said Richard.

“This guy on a red mountain bike cycled past, and he had the dog on a lead next to his bike – then the dog just attacked.

“Basically, the bloke who had hold of the dog before the attack just stood there and watched while one of my neighbours was punching and kicking the dog to get it off Bingo. Then he just called his dog and cycled off.”

Mr McClelland, who reported the attack to Dorset Police, says he’s eager for anyone who knows the man to report him to the authorities.

He said: “This guy’s been seen taking his dog for a walk on his bike like this a few times locally.

“He’s about 25-30 and wears a bobble hat. My major concern is that he has a dog capable of an attack like this, especially because there are lots of other cats around here.”

Richard said Bingo suffers from dementia, and because she was also quite thin and roamed the immediate neighbourhood, she was often taken to vets by people wrongly thinking she was being mistreated.

“I’ve had to pick her up about seven or eight times after people have taken her to vets in the past year alone,” he said.

“When I got the call this time I just assumed it was for the same thing. I’d urge anyone with information to contact police.”

The attack took place in Phyldon Road, March 14, around 3pm.