STUDENTS at a Bournemouth school have been urging their friends to make the buying of food fairer to the world’s farmers.

The group of teenagers from Harewood College spent Fairtrade Fortnight campaigning for better awareness of where their money goes when buying produce.

And their efforts were very fruitful as fellow students promised to switch to Fairtrade foods and sign a petition urging for a better deal for banana producers.

Assistant head teacher at Harewood College, John Greetham, said: “The whole college has got behind the Fairtrade Fortnight campaign.

“A group of boys have volunteered their own time and have worked tirelessly to persuade their fellow students to think about the food they are buying.”

The students have been actively handing out stickers and posters promoting the Fairtrade messages.

This year’s appeal has focused on getting a better deal for the world’s banana producers.

Year 11 student Hamza Ceylan, said: “I was really happy to get behind this campaign as I was shocked by just how much farmers in the world are losing out because we’re buying cheaper food.

“Fairtrade goods may be more expensive but they are far fairer to the people producing them, many of whom come from far poorer countries than ours.”

And executive headteacher of Harewood College Debbie Godfrey-Phaure, added: “I am so proud of the students’ passion for making the world they live in a just and sustainable place.”