A COUPLE from Wimborne have celebrated 60 years of marriage with a party and a card from the Queen.

John Slow MBE, 83, and Molly, 82, met in 1947 at St John’s Youth Club and married six years later at Hampreston Church. They had three children, twins Linda and Julie, and a son, David, who sadly died aged 52.

John, who is president of Wimborne Rotary Club and his wife, Molly, enjoyed a party on March 13, joined by around 50 people.

Mrs Slow says that it was a nice surprise to receive the card from the Queen, which they were not expecting.

She believes that their marriage has lasted so long because they share a mutual respect and enjoy each other’s company.

She said: “When we got married in 1954, there was still a bit of rationing going on and we didn’t even have a washing machine.

“We still don’t have a computer now, preferring to use a typewriter. We enjoy helping others, which includes the toddler club and lunch club at Wimborne Methodist Church.”

Molly added: “It’s nice that we have been able to see our grandchildren go through university and grow up.”

During their working lives, John was Methodist lay preacher at Wimborne Methodist Church for 40 years, as well as working as a solicitor, and Molly enjoyed 20 years of service with St John Ambulance.