KINSON primary is the oldest school in Bournemouth and its rich history is kept alive in many ways for its 450 pupils.

The school’s museum area houses historical photographs, the original school stone and artefacts reflecting the past.

And its four houses are named after historical local figures Isaac Gulliver, a smuggler, Olympic athlete Charles Bennett, landowners Elizabeth and William Fryer and long-standing headmistress Lilian Ward.

The school prides itself on its involvement with the community, and pupils there designed the Bournemouth memorial to Red Arrows pilot Jon Egging who died during the Bournemouth Air Festival in 2011. The school also supports local projects such as the Kinson Food Bank.

Kinson’s last government inspection revealed the need for improvement at the school but headteacher Victoria Bryan said measures were now in place to make things better.

“We know we have work to do but we have a really solid school development plan” she said.

“We want to improve leadership and the quality of the children’s writing. We are also looking at independence skills for our very young children in reception and we want to ensure that all teaching and learning is good.”

Mrs Bryan stressed that all teaching and support staff were dedicated and said more than half of pupils were involved in after-school clubs and activities.

The school also runs a breakfast club and an after-school club, which are much appreciated by working parents.

It now forms part of the Bournemouth Septenary Trust, a collaboration involving seven Bournemouth primary schools. Other members are St Mark’s, St Michael’s, Moordown St John’s, Winton, Muscliff and Kingsleigh.

The school is proud of its IT provision and was recently the South West winner of the national Make IT Happy competition. Children designed an internet safety campaign.

Its Nurture Group has also won awards. The aims of the group are to build self-esteem and to help children who do not feel good about themselves.


Telephone: 01202 572713
Headteacher: Victoria Bryan
Number of pupils: 450
Age range: 4-11
Overall rating: Requires improvement

Inspectors said: “The new leadership team now manages the quality of teaching and learning more effectively and has brought about several improvements in teaching and achievement so that there is now much more good teaching.

"Pupils usually behave well in lessons. Parents are very positive about the school.

“Pupils do not make good progress because there is not enough good or better teaching and teachers do not set work that is the right level or sufficiently demanding.

“Pupils are not reaching high enough standards in reading, writing and maths by the end of Year 6.”