Many and various are the books we’ve had to review here at Echo Towers.

But sometimes even we’re not sure what to make of stuff like the following...

1. Letters To Hitler

Missives from the (mainly) deluded to the Dictator’s Dictator. He never read any of them.

Bournemouth Echo:

2. A Short History of Wimborne Branch, Club and Woman’s Section of the Royal British Legion

At 184 pages, it isn’t that short. But their list of trophies and awards for members runs to an astonishing 25.

Bournemouth Echo:

3. Paris Made Me

Autobiography of journalist born in Windsor who moved to London and thence to France. Still trying to work out the local angle on this one..

Bournemouth Echo:

4. That’s Reet Boy

Ludicrous tales of Dorset village life in the 1930s. About a man called Harry Cocque. Worth it for the front cover picture alone.

Bournemouth Echo:

5. Ellen’s Bournemouth Years

The story of forgotten writer Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler. She came from Wolverhampton.

Bournemouth Echo:

6. Cold War Bunkers

Total phwoar-zone for those with the hots for flooded corridors, pre-formed concrete and rusting old pipes.

Bournemouth Echo:

7. Tracing Your Tank Ancestors

Awkwardly-titled book of unexpected usefulness for those who want to trace their tank-regiment etc etc

Bournemouth Echo:

8. Treacle Mines, Tragedies and Triumph

The Building of the Bournemouth Direct Line 1883-1888 – Surprisingly fascinating history of how the iron road came to Bournemouth

Bournemouth Echo:

9. Urban Trees

About trees. Which are urban.

Bournemouth Echo:

10. The Third Testicle

Not a tale of hideous malformation but, rather; ‘A roller-coaster ride, a travelogue with a difference.’ According to the author.