A SKINHEAD who grew his hair for a year has finally had it sheared off again after raising £1,716 for his autistic son’s school.

Derek White, 42, has kept his hair shaved for the last three decades but decided to grow his ginger locks for the first time since he was 14 to raise funds for Linwood School, where his eight-year-old son Carter is a pupil.

In the days leading up to the close shave Mr White sold raffle tickets allowing the winner the opportunity to cut his frizzy mane in whatever style they chose – with him agreeing to wear the new do for 24 hours.

The lucky barber for the night was friend Tina McNally, who shaved everything aside from one great clump of matted ginger hair on one half of Mr White’s head.

The dad-of-five lived with the unconventional new look for a day before returning to his trademark short style and said his children were relieved to see him back to normal.

“The first six months were fine as I was able to manage it but after that it became a nightmare,” he added.

“It’s like a baby’s bum again now and when I went to take the dog for a walk in the morning my head was absolutely freezing.”

Around 40 people showed up to watch the haircut last Friday at the Portman Hotel, on Ashley Road in Boscombe, and Mr White said he is delighted he was able to raise money for a school that has done so much to help his family.

He added: “I am stoked with the support I received. This whole thing has made me appreciate what real mates are.”